Workouts To Train For The 100m Dash

When you are training for the 100 meter dash, you need a workout session that develops speed, strength and technique. Since you only require anaerobic energy when in a race, you do not need aerobic exercises. For reaching your highest speeds, spend your time on weight training and on the track to build power.

Here are some steps you can follow when you begin workout for the 100 meter race.

Step 1

It is important to get into shape before you begin training. You need at least 1 or 2 months before you begin to increase your strength or flexibility and begin event specific training.

Step 2

Your workout sessions should be divided well enough to accommodate muscle building, recovery as well as a peak phase. You can do so with four week periods of training for each phase.

Step 3

Before beginning a workout, take care to warm up. Similarly once you wind up, you must cool down. You can use dynamic stretching, light jogging and stretching each muscle group.

Step 4

Your workouts should include speed drills as well as 20 and 30 meter drills at different power percentages so you can control your muscle output better.

Step 5

It is very important to learn proper running technique so you can maximize your performance and avoid any injuries. You should never practice without the use of technique. It would also be helpful to record yourself on video; this gives you a different perspective on your training.

Step 6

You can divide your first training phase into stages to gain strength and develop endurance and technique. For instance, three days a week can be used for balanced weight training. One day can be used for anaerobic exercises like the 50 meter drills and you could conduct endurance training once a week.

Step 7

In the second phase of your workout, you can begin training for advanced technique and fitness. Add intensive training into your weight training workouts at least once a week. This is when your weight training can be for specific muscle groups required for the 100 meter. This is the right time to introduce streamlining your techniques for high speed once a week.

Step 8

By the next phase, you are ready to practice according to competition styles. Do repetitions of 100 meter dash at your 100% endurance and strength. Begin from the block so as to replicate the atmosphere of a real competition.

Step 9

As much as you can, continue your workouts and training sessions and continually measure your performance. This will test your fitness and readiness for the upcoming competition. This will leave you with an entire phase of about 4 weeks to adjust your routine and improve on areas that require it.

Step 10

It is also essential to spend an entire phase recovering from the training sessions and plan for the next set of workout phases.

While you are following your daily workout sessions, keep in mind that the most important part is to maintain proper form. Maintaining proper posture is more important than your speed. When you are tired, the first thing that gets affected is your form; this is why it is important not to be tired before starting a drill. Wear trainers and not spikes; this makes a difference to your form as well.

Some other things you must avoid during your 100 meter workout include never bending forward at the waist. Make sure you propel yourself forward with the balls of your feet and not the toes. Your arm swings should be smooth. Another important thing – keep your focus and vision to the end of the track.

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